Sensor Imprint Technology introduces the E-cone

For nowadays practice, not many exercise tools are available for rehabilitation of the hand function and all of them are not very sophisticated. The E-cone fills this gap and is a tool for the rehabilitation of persons with reduced hand function and allows to maintain working ability while improving the hand function and concomitant quality of life.  

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The E-cone is a device for rehabilitation of the hand function in physiotherapy, occupational therapy and (work)rehabilitation. The objective is to support a patient to achieve better hand coordination and improve the muscle balance in the hand.



The E-cone can be applied as a tool in physical and occuoational therapy, rehabilitation and reintegration settings.




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Shortly, patients can practice with the E-cone in physical and occupational therapy and rehabilitation companies.



Testimonial 1

"The e-cone is at Reade used as an evaluation tool of hand function. We work with patients who have impaired hand use."